Saturday, September 17, 2011

Introducing Author Nikki Winter

Not Your Average Publishing Company by Nikki Winter

Let me start of by saying that I was volunteered for this lovely guest blog by none other than El Tyrant De Iron Fist a.k.a. Jayha Leigh and or the Fearless Leader. How does one get volunteered, you ask? Oh well it starts as an instant message where your tyrant asks you if you’ll do something for her then she answers it with ‘yes’ without your consent. Outraged? Yeah, me too dude but hey what am I supposed to do? On another note allow me to introduce myself…Er did I just hear the beat from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” come on? I probably did which means Jayha’s messing with instrumentals again to fit in her “I told you so” remix. Cut it out! I’m trying to tell a story here!

Okay back to you people. I’m Nikki Winter otherwise known as the Padawan and or the baby. My lovely big sister Dréa Riley also calls me her mini-me and ‘boo-boo’ but she’s the only one with that privilege and I’ll slice the back of anybody else’s ankles who tries. I joined BTP in May after being roped like a felled baby calf by Jayha in the yahoo group. How is one roped you ask? Oh well she lures you into a false sense of security then BAM! You’re in and doing her bidding. Am I complaining? NO! This has got to be the most awesome-kick ass-crazy-Alpha loving-Posse riding-action craving-arms bearing-war cry having group of women that I’ve ever met in my life and I love each and every one.

I had it in my mind that my reception would be a chilly one since I was the newbie but boy was I wrong. Joining BTP is like joining a sorority. Yes, there’s hazing that comes in the form of disturbing stories and facts that are liable to make you lose you intestines but I digress. These women are intelligent, hilarious, sweet, goofy, and just an all-around joy to interact with. I can remember sending out an SOS for my first MS because I was having a hard time with what Jayha calls the ‘Bow chica now now’ in my storyline and I had everyone from Marteeka Karland to Destiny Wallace answering back and trying to help. They probably don’t even remember this but I do and it’ll always be one of the best memories I’ve got.

This experience has been in a word, AMAZING. To have people who’ll take time out of whatever they’re doing, stop and send you a little support means a lot. Jayha knows this because I say it all the time but I’m no longer the socially awkward dork with a vocabulary fetish who knows way too many facts about the wild kingdom. Mainly because now I’m a part of a group of socially awkward dorks who know way too many facts about everything. Calm down, that was a compliment…or at least it was supposed to be. I belong here. For once I’m not strange and my need for matches and a harpoon is understood despite the fact that nobody will get me one! Yeah, I’m still salty about that dammit!

I’ve talked about everyone else but now it’s time to get to one of the heads of this whole crazy operation—Jayha Leigh whom I have deemed the Guru and El Tyrant De Iron Fist. Don’t worry she likes both names. This chick is freaking awesome. Yes, I admitted that out loud with many public witnesses who will read this. Am I worried about feeding her megalomania? Of course I am! Will I concern myself with the repercussions of swelling her ego later? Yes because I’m trying to make a point here. Jayha’s the epitome of a teacher. I can work a nerve but chick seems to have many of them for me.

If I have a question she does her best to answer. If I need help I can always ask her and if I need somebody who’ll make me feel ten feet tall she’s good for that too. Jayha rules with an iron fist alongside none other than the kick ass chick that is THE Jeanie but she has a heart of gold. And no matter how many times she has tricked and trapped me into something I will forever be grateful to know her. Learning under her as a new writer…there is no description for it. Any and all success I’ve experienced can’t be totally accredited to me being awesome (although I am) because she’s been there to hold my hand every step of the way then she tells me she’s proud of me after every accomplishment. That is what makes me feel ten feet tall. The fact that I can do something that makes her stop and say, “I’m proud of you chica” makes my face do this leaking thing. I don’t really know what it is but it happens anytime she says those words. It’s starting to freak me out.

Despite the fact that she can turn me into a big blubbering baby with only one sentence I don’t hold it against her. Having the opportunity to be her most beloved of protégés (yeah, I said it) has been FREAKING AWESOME all in all. Yeah, I use those words a lot when dealing with BTP.

When you join BTP folks you join a sisterhood, a place to be yourself no matter how insane you are. You make life-long connections that you’ll always enjoy (even if you end up in a foreign prison if the authorities manage to catch you). I’ve got an extended family of Aunties, big sisters and adopted Mommies that I never knew I’d get to have and I thank God for that every day. BTP is definitely not the average publishing company but I can say that even with my limited experience it has to be one of the best.

Alright Jayha you can take the spiked boot off my back now. I said everything you told me to. Ah I’m just kidding…sorta. Now folks it’s time for me to go back to my corner before I get into trouble and the next word I hear is “Restriction!” I hate that word; makes me sad. In the infamous and gut busting words of THE Jeanie “Crotch grab” and the Padawan is out!

-Nikki Winter