Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quit Happens by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Book 1 in the Rho Beta Omicron Tau series:

Welcome to the Rho Beta Omicron Tau series, a mayhem-filled shenanigans fest brought to you by the chicks that run Beautiful Trouble Publishing, Mocha Memoirs Press and Shara Azod Publishing...and their authors. 

When was a lie preferable to the truth?  When you were the founding members of Rho Beta Omicron Tau Sorority and someone was asking you how R.B.O.T. was started.  Being drunk would’ve gone a long way to explaining what the hell happened but the only lie the ladies could actually pull off with any type of credibility was saying ‘they didn’t do it.’ 

Unable to buy their way into a sorority for various reasons, none of which could be proven…at least not by anyone who was still alive, Pluck Brevard, Ozella Crown, Shelley Nichols, Simone Pisgah and Esther Prynne decided to establish their own so they could party with the other Greeks on campus.  No one partied like the Greeks, except for maybe the Germans during October Fest, Brazilians during Carnival and maybe southerners at state fairs.  Figuring all they needed was a glue gun, some glitter letters, some stuff to put it on and a motto, they submitted their paperwork to be recognized as Rho Beta Omicron Tau sorority, thusly named because their university wouldn’t approve a sorority called Ridiculously Big Old Titties and R.B.O.T. had more flair when using the Greek alphabet. 

Despite having graduate degrees, the women of Rho Beta Omega Tau had more moxie than sense; only a modicum of give a damn and were magnets for mayhem.  Come enjoy the adventures of the original chapter.

Titles already in the works:

·         Book 1: Quit Happens (Pluck) by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh, published by BTP

·         Book 2: Fit Happens (Esther) by Alice Duval, published by Shara Azod Press

·         Book 3: Submit Happens (Ozella) by Shara Azod, published by Shara Azod Press

·         Book 4: Lit Happens (Shelley) by RaeLynn Blue, published by Mocha Memoirs Press

·         Book 5: Split Happens (Simone) by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh, published by BTP