Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greet & Eat III: Austin, Texas

In North Carolina, we apologized in advance for everything.  In Atlanta, we refused to apologize.  In 2014, there ain’t an apology in sight.  We’re descending upon Texas with pre-meditated alibis.  Grab your boots, your hat, and your Posse and come join us in Austin for Greet & Eat III. 

At past Eat & Greets we engaged in some good, old-fashioned southern mayhem.  This year we’ve got some brand new, prototype mayhem planned.   As always we have fantastic authors, smoking hot reads, good eats and sweat tea.  The Jeanie and Jayha have an awesome agenda. The Hyatt Regency is an exceptional facility.  The only thing left to say is YEE-HAW!