Sunday, November 10, 2013

the i can't believe you didn't publish this yet machine...The Girl Can't Help It

So remember back in the day, a long, long time ago when we co-authored Adventures are Hush: What Happens in Vegas? with the writing duo Reid and Yazmin?  Well, we had book 2 in the Unexpected Encounters series hanging about and yeah, forgot about it.  However, now that we've found it, we're sending it to editing.  Here's a taste.  Unedited excerpt...All rights reserved by Reid Randolph, Yazmin Taylor, Jeanie and Jayha:
Chapter Uno


Beautiful.  A wonder to behold.  She had classic features on smooth, light mocha colored canvas.  Dr. Perry Sebastian sighed as she ran her fingers lightly over the newest hot creation from the handbag god, Marc Jacobs® for the LV line.  Handbags were her vice.  Perry felt her excitement mounting as she gripped the leather handles of the pure work of handbag art.  So what if her hand was shaking slightly?  It was excitement, not nerves.  She felt a shiver of delight course through her veins as the smooth leather literally caressed her palm.  Lifting the handbag up to her nostrils, she breathed deeply.  Bliss.

            “Earth to Perry! You’re going to buy it before you cream yourself all over it, right?” The amused voice of Vegas Knightsen, Perry’s new best friend and travelling companion, intruded on Perry’s handbag fantasies.

            Seeing there was no way she could continue perving on her handbag until she got to the privacy of her hotel room, Perry gasped in mock outrage.  “Bite your tongue, Vegas! There will be no body fluids touching this magnificent piece of art!”

Of course Vegas just rolled her ever expressive brown eyes and threw out another challenge.  “C’mon woman, we’ve got partying to do. The show is about to start!” Vegas would’ve said more but the sight of a small old lady with coiffed hair holding a purse dog with a matching hairstyle had rendered her speechless.   For all of a hot second.  “That’s just wrong on so many levels.”       

It was wrong but Perry wasn’t going to admit it when she could spend the time complaining about handbag purchase-interruptus.  “What’s wrong is you attempting to rush me.  This is an experience that should be savored, wench! Be gone with you.  I need to have privacy as I get acquainted with my new lover.”

Vegas threw her head back at let loose the laughter that was an innate part of her.  Seeing that she wasn’t about to be hurried, she stalked towards the entrance to the Louis Vuitton Store.  “I’m going to have some personal time with my phone.”  Translation: she was going to try and reach the next level of that candy game.  She’d never understand the appeal of stacking sweets but if that was the catalyst to her having additional time to get up close and personal with the sea of handbags, Perry wasn’t going to complain.  Come to me, my pretties, she whispered as she caressed yet another bag she absolutely had to have.  Perhaps if she hadn’t been mid-stroke, she would’ve noticed the big, handsome Italian man standing a mere two feet away from her.  She didn’t notice him, but oh, did he notice her. 



Alessandro Strozzi was the type of man who noticed most things, especially when he decided that he wanted them.  Maybe it had a little to do with the fact that the woman was talking to a piece of leather as if it were a lover she’d just met, or the way she caressed it.  He couldn’t help but to desire her graceful hands on his body.  Would she touch him with such reverence? 

A man accustomed to having many women, Alessandro didn’t waste a lot time wondering why he was immediately intrigued by this woman.  It wasn’t simply her looks, which were classic, or her demeanor, which was graceful.  It wasn’t even her name, which was unusual for a woman.  Perhaps the name Perry would’ve fit on another woman, but not on this woman who was so undeniably feminine…and if he made the right moves, the woman who would be so undeniably his.