Saturday, January 4, 2014

Alternative Valentine's Day Contest

There will be typos.  It's seven pm and I haven't slept since the other day so let it go...just let it go. 

Having creative authors isn’t simply awesome, it’s a necessity.  Luckily, at BTP, the cup runneth over with awesomeness.  The brain after all is the sexiest organ in the body.  Stephanie Burke loves zombies.  Jeanie and Jayha loathe the fake holiday Valentine’s Day.  Let the record reflect however, that we do appreciate the candy.  Regardless of whether you personally love it or hate it, either way, you have to survive Valentine’s Day.  But what if instead of the typical chocolates, flowers and jewelry, you have zombies, shifters and thingamajigs?   Well then, you’d need a BTP Survivalist pack. 

The upside is that there will be books.  Jeanie and I both like big books and we cannot lie.  But what’s in it for you?  A contest!

There will be three winners.  Two runners-up will receive Survivalist prizes and one grand prize winner will receive the Zombie Survival Kit prize pack.

What’s in the prize packs?  Awesomeness, such as emergency chocolate, some swag and a download or two.  The contest begins on 01 February and ends on 13 February.  The winners will be announced on 14 February-ish because Jeanie is on New Zealand time and Jayha works third shift.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

the i can't believe you didn't publish this yet machine...The Girl Can't Help It

So remember back in the day, a long, long time ago when we co-authored Adventures are Hush: What Happens in Vegas? with the writing duo Reid and Yazmin?  Well, we had book 2 in the Unexpected Encounters series hanging about and yeah, forgot about it.  However, now that we've found it, we're sending it to editing.  Here's a taste.  Unedited excerpt...All rights reserved by Reid Randolph, Yazmin Taylor, Jeanie and Jayha:
Chapter Uno


Beautiful.  A wonder to behold.  She had classic features on smooth, light mocha colored canvas.  Dr. Perry Sebastian sighed as she ran her fingers lightly over the newest hot creation from the handbag god, Marc Jacobs® for the LV line.  Handbags were her vice.  Perry felt her excitement mounting as she gripped the leather handles of the pure work of handbag art.  So what if her hand was shaking slightly?  It was excitement, not nerves.  She felt a shiver of delight course through her veins as the smooth leather literally caressed her palm.  Lifting the handbag up to her nostrils, she breathed deeply.  Bliss.

            “Earth to Perry! You’re going to buy it before you cream yourself all over it, right?” The amused voice of Vegas Knightsen, Perry’s new best friend and travelling companion, intruded on Perry’s handbag fantasies.

            Seeing there was no way she could continue perving on her handbag until she got to the privacy of her hotel room, Perry gasped in mock outrage.  “Bite your tongue, Vegas! There will be no body fluids touching this magnificent piece of art!”

Of course Vegas just rolled her ever expressive brown eyes and threw out another challenge.  “C’mon woman, we’ve got partying to do. The show is about to start!” Vegas would’ve said more but the sight of a small old lady with coiffed hair holding a purse dog with a matching hairstyle had rendered her speechless.   For all of a hot second.  “That’s just wrong on so many levels.”       

It was wrong but Perry wasn’t going to admit it when she could spend the time complaining about handbag purchase-interruptus.  “What’s wrong is you attempting to rush me.  This is an experience that should be savored, wench! Be gone with you.  I need to have privacy as I get acquainted with my new lover.”

Vegas threw her head back at let loose the laughter that was an innate part of her.  Seeing that she wasn’t about to be hurried, she stalked towards the entrance to the Louis Vuitton Store.  “I’m going to have some personal time with my phone.”  Translation: she was going to try and reach the next level of that candy game.  She’d never understand the appeal of stacking sweets but if that was the catalyst to her having additional time to get up close and personal with the sea of handbags, Perry wasn’t going to complain.  Come to me, my pretties, she whispered as she caressed yet another bag she absolutely had to have.  Perhaps if she hadn’t been mid-stroke, she would’ve noticed the big, handsome Italian man standing a mere two feet away from her.  She didn’t notice him, but oh, did he notice her. 



Alessandro Strozzi was the type of man who noticed most things, especially when he decided that he wanted them.  Maybe it had a little to do with the fact that the woman was talking to a piece of leather as if it were a lover she’d just met, or the way she caressed it.  He couldn’t help but to desire her graceful hands on his body.  Would she touch him with such reverence? 

A man accustomed to having many women, Alessandro didn’t waste a lot time wondering why he was immediately intrigued by this woman.  It wasn’t simply her looks, which were classic, or her demeanor, which was graceful.  It wasn’t even her name, which was unusual for a woman.  Perhaps the name Perry would’ve fit on another woman, but not on this woman who was so undeniably feminine…and if he made the right moves, the woman who would be so undeniably his.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greet & Eat III: Austin, Texas

In North Carolina, we apologized in advance for everything.  In Atlanta, we refused to apologize.  In 2014, there ain’t an apology in sight.  We’re descending upon Texas with pre-meditated alibis.  Grab your boots, your hat, and your Posse and come join us in Austin for Greet & Eat III. 

At past Eat & Greets we engaged in some good, old-fashioned southern mayhem.  This year we’ve got some brand new, prototype mayhem planned.   As always we have fantastic authors, smoking hot reads, good eats and sweat tea.  The Jeanie and Jayha have an awesome agenda. The Hyatt Regency is an exceptional facility.  The only thing left to say is YEE-HAW!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quit Happens by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Book 1 in the Rho Beta Omicron Tau series:

Welcome to the Rho Beta Omicron Tau series, a mayhem-filled shenanigans fest brought to you by the chicks that run Beautiful Trouble Publishing, Mocha Memoirs Press and Shara Azod Publishing...and their authors. 

When was a lie preferable to the truth?  When you were the founding members of Rho Beta Omicron Tau Sorority and someone was asking you how R.B.O.T. was started.  Being drunk would’ve gone a long way to explaining what the hell happened but the only lie the ladies could actually pull off with any type of credibility was saying ‘they didn’t do it.’ 

Unable to buy their way into a sorority for various reasons, none of which could be proven…at least not by anyone who was still alive, Pluck Brevard, Ozella Crown, Shelley Nichols, Simone Pisgah and Esther Prynne decided to establish their own so they could party with the other Greeks on campus.  No one partied like the Greeks, except for maybe the Germans during October Fest, Brazilians during Carnival and maybe southerners at state fairs.  Figuring all they needed was a glue gun, some glitter letters, some stuff to put it on and a motto, they submitted their paperwork to be recognized as Rho Beta Omicron Tau sorority, thusly named because their university wouldn’t approve a sorority called Ridiculously Big Old Titties and R.B.O.T. had more flair when using the Greek alphabet. 

Despite having graduate degrees, the women of Rho Beta Omega Tau had more moxie than sense; only a modicum of give a damn and were magnets for mayhem.  Come enjoy the adventures of the original chapter.

Titles already in the works:

·         Book 1: Quit Happens (Pluck) by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh, published by BTP

·         Book 2: Fit Happens (Esther) by Alice Duval, published by Shara Azod Press

·         Book 3: Submit Happens (Ozella) by Shara Azod, published by Shara Azod Press

·         Book 4: Lit Happens (Shelley) by RaeLynn Blue, published by Mocha Memoirs Press

·         Book 5: Split Happens (Simone) by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh, published by BTP


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Blame author Janet Eckford for this! We’re going to kick off the new year with a bang, and a ka-pow, and a ka-plowee! But before we get to the new year, we have to finish 2012 with a WTF (what the f*ck)! A NFW (no f*cking way)! and an AMF (adios, MF). Just how will we go about that? A scavenger hunt. And it begins here…on this blog.

You might be asking why you should participate, and we’d respond ‘because it’s us!’

You might be asking what you will get if you win, and we’d say: something good.

You might be asking what you have to do in order to participate, and we’d respond: blog-hop, dear readers. Blog hop.

Your first clue is here…on this very blog…it is a direction to another blog.

By the way, if you haven’t done so, check out Coffee Time Romance, three BTP authors are having contests:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christin Lovell coming 01 December 2012

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Slumber Party is happy to announce that the guest for 01 December 2012 is Christin Lovell.

Christin Lovell grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where she was surrounded by rich inspiration for first poems, then songs, followed by short stories, and finally, her vampeen series.

Since then, she’s moved to Orlando, Florida, given birth to three beautiful children, who keep her at the brink of insanity, and come into her own, fully accepting and loving her curves. She’s also ventured into writing about just that: full figured women embracing their curves. Of course, with fiction, these women do this with a hot, sexy alpha male… or two. After all, every one deserves a HEA, even those with excess sexiness.

Like most authors she’s encountered, Christin owns far too many books to fit on her shelves; she practically lives in her pajamas, believes coffee is a necessity, thinks silence is not always golden, and requests for all handsome heroes to apply for permanent fictionalization.

Don’t miss the chance to join in with the laughter, shenanigans and a healthy dose of inappropriate behavior to help start your week off on the good foot.

If you’re interested in past shows please visit BTP’s Blog Talk Radio homepage.

Happy Listening!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cora Blu coming on 17 November 2012

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Slumber Party is happy to announce that the guest for 17 November 2012 is Cora Blu.

Hello everyone. My name is Cora Blu and I write Contemporary Interracial Romance as well as a Parafantasy Romance Series. Coming from a large family, four brothers, two sister, I never lack for inspiration for characters.

I was raised believing family is the backbone of everything. So all my stories will have a family at the core. And growing up my best friends were in their sixties.

I’ve been asked why I write interracial. My mother would always say she didn’t care if he was purple with white spots, if when you closed the door and you’re still happy that’s what matters.

Every story I write creates itself after I’ve met, bumped into or spoke to someone in line somewhere. One scene in every book is true. In my fantasy novella “Max” the scene with the sterling silver rose in the office is true and inspired the story.

My underwater series is inspired from my Science teacher over twenty years ago, the koi in my backyard pond, Jacque Cousteau and Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea. On my Pinterest page you can see pictures of my koi and my garden.

I am a mother of three girls and married to my pre-K sweetheart. We met when his father helped my father move. He told my mother to save the one with the dirty knees for him. (I was in the sandbox get your mind out the gutter) He is my best friend and it makes writing loving couples easy.

You can find me, when not in the garden at:

Don’t miss the chance to join in with the laughter, shenanigans and a healthy dose of inappropriate behavior to help start your week off on the good foot.

If you’re interested in past shows please visit BTP’s Blog Talk Radio homepage.

Happy Listening!