Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christin Lovell coming 01 December 2012

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Slumber Party is happy to announce that the guest for 01 December 2012 is Christin Lovell.

Christin Lovell grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where she was surrounded by rich inspiration for first poems, then songs, followed by short stories, and finally, her vampeen series.

Since then, she’s moved to Orlando, Florida, given birth to three beautiful children, who keep her at the brink of insanity, and come into her own, fully accepting and loving her curves. She’s also ventured into writing about just that: full figured women embracing their curves. Of course, with fiction, these women do this with a hot, sexy alpha male… or two. After all, every one deserves a HEA, even those with excess sexiness.

Like most authors she’s encountered, Christin owns far too many books to fit on her shelves; she practically lives in her pajamas, believes coffee is a necessity, thinks silence is not always golden, and requests for all handsome heroes to apply for permanent fictionalization.

Don’t miss the chance to join in with the laughter, shenanigans and a healthy dose of inappropriate behavior to help start your week off on the good foot.

If you’re interested in past shows please visit BTP’s Blog Talk Radio homepage.

Happy Listening!

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