Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cora Blu coming on 17 November 2012

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Slumber Party is happy to announce that the guest for 17 November 2012 is Cora Blu.

Hello everyone. My name is Cora Blu and I write Contemporary Interracial Romance as well as a Parafantasy Romance Series. Coming from a large family, four brothers, two sister, I never lack for inspiration for characters.

I was raised believing family is the backbone of everything. So all my stories will have a family at the core. And growing up my best friends were in their sixties.

I’ve been asked why I write interracial. My mother would always say she didn’t care if he was purple with white spots, if when you closed the door and you’re still happy that’s what matters.

Every story I write creates itself after I’ve met, bumped into or spoke to someone in line somewhere. One scene in every book is true. In my fantasy novella “Max” the scene with the sterling silver rose in the office is true and inspired the story.

My underwater series is inspired from my Science teacher over twenty years ago, the koi in my backyard pond, Jacque Cousteau and Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea. On my Pinterest page you can see pictures of my koi and my garden.

I am a mother of three girls and married to my pre-K sweetheart. We met when his father helped my father move. He told my mother to save the one with the dirty knees for him. (I was in the sandbox get your mind out the gutter) He is my best friend and it makes writing loving couples easy.

You can find me, when not in the garden at:

Don’t miss the chance to join in with the laughter, shenanigans and a healthy dose of inappropriate behavior to help start your week off on the good foot.

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