Saturday, January 4, 2014

Alternative Valentine's Day Contest

There will be typos.  It's seven pm and I haven't slept since the other day so let it go...just let it go. 

Having creative authors isn’t simply awesome, it’s a necessity.  Luckily, at BTP, the cup runneth over with awesomeness.  The brain after all is the sexiest organ in the body.  Stephanie Burke loves zombies.  Jeanie and Jayha loathe the fake holiday Valentine’s Day.  Let the record reflect however, that we do appreciate the candy.  Regardless of whether you personally love it or hate it, either way, you have to survive Valentine’s Day.  But what if instead of the typical chocolates, flowers and jewelry, you have zombies, shifters and thingamajigs?   Well then, you’d need a BTP Survivalist pack. 

The upside is that there will be books.  Jeanie and I both like big books and we cannot lie.  But what’s in it for you?  A contest!

There will be three winners.  Two runners-up will receive Survivalist prizes and one grand prize winner will receive the Zombie Survival Kit prize pack.

What’s in the prize packs?  Awesomeness, such as emergency chocolate, some swag and a download or two.  The contest begins on 01 February and ends on 13 February.  The winners will be announced on 14 February-ish because Jeanie is on New Zealand time and Jayha works third shift.