Monday, October 1, 2012

Lynn Richards coming 01 October 2012

Beautiful Trouble Publishing Slumber Party is happy to announce that the guest for 01 October 2012 is the writing team known as Lynn Richards, who are best friends who decided they wanted to write for living, so they started one word at a time.

Want to know more? Of course you do.

Best friends since high school, we roomed together in college, where we passed time “writing” each other stories. Of course back then we didn't even once think we should be putting them on paper (foolish us!) Fast forward about ten years and one two-year old. I convince my other writing half that not only do we need to write, but we need to send it to big publisher. We did…and received nice rejections… wrote another, got it all the way to the senior editor and WHAM—personnel change, no sale, lost interest in writing.

Fast forward another, umm, umm, years and once again we convince each other we can't stop.

And then came the advent of kindle circa February 2012, and we say what the heck and published our first book Leader of the Pack and were so excited when it sold 10!!! That got us to thinking that this writing gig isn't a bad thing. Since the need to write is a living, breathing thing, we wrote Beauty and the Wolf, which went all the way to 42 on the top 100 erotica on Kindle. Excited, we push each other and write six more novellas in five months and here we are today trying to find the time to write in between day jobs and families.

We want to write forever!!!!

Right now, we don't have a website. I thought we had a blog, but apparently I was wrong…or I just can't find it again!!!

Technology is not our friend, unless our practice, practice, practice.

Don’t miss the chance to join in with the laughter, shenanigans and a healthy dose of inappropriate behavior to help start your week off on the good foot.

If you’re interested in past shows please visit BTP’s Blog Talk Radio homepage.

Happy Listening!

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