Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lena Matthews: Totally Epic!

On 09 July, 2012, author Lena Matthews was a guest on the BTP Slumber Party. Jeanie and Jayha have publically disavowed any knowledge of any shenanigans (of which there were too many to count) that might have gone on, because Jayha was busy shining her halo and The Jeanie was busy doing something with a machete that probably involved slicing bacon. 

Ergo, we can’t personally tell you what happened, but the seven hundred peeps who listened in could…if we hadn’t made them sign the disclaimer. Wink. You should go to the archives and listen to it as it was absolutely epic.  NB: Listening to the episode while at work might not be such a good idea unless you want to explain samurai sword wielding, cowboy ninja chefs amongst other things.

Listen here:

In case you have been traveling Deep Space for the past decade in an attempt to escape justice, and don’t know who Lena is, check it:

Lena Matthews spends her days dreaming about handsome heroes and her nights with her own personal hero. Married to her college sweetheart, she is the proud mother of two children, three evil dogs, and a mess of ants that she can't seem to get rid of.

When not writing she can be found reading, watching movies, lifting up the cushions on the couch to look for batteries for the remote control and plotting different ways to bring Buffy back on the air.


If you’re interested in helping us convince Lena to write more, drop a comment.


  1. And once again I'd like to make it known that I had NOTHING to do with this one...

  2. You guys should all help us convince Lena to make at least a six book series out of the cowboys (For Love's Sake/The Blacker the Berry)...and to continue the Moonlight series for Janet...and to write Jayha a sequel to Friends with Benefits...and to write another book similar to Georgia Peach...for starters. Thank you.

  3. (slowly sneaks back off to corner) I want no parts in this, I usually end up having to pay a debt of some sort

  4. I was totally NOT AT FAULT FOR THIS

  5. Loved the show and Lena! It was a blast. If you couldn't listen on Monday evening you really need to tune in.

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  7. Oh my....I need to listen to this one. Y'all know I love me some whatever we need to do in order to convince her, yeah, we need to do that. I'm just saying!

  8. I was busy shining my halo...everyone else was crazy...but yeah, Lena needs to hurry with the hotness stories so we can get our read on. Reana, listen to will laugh until you hurt. Grin.

  9. Lena and Momma are just wrong...and naughty...and bad...and more naughty.
    THE Jeanie :)

    1. Btw Lena, you should write more...LMAO! :)