Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shyla Colt: the Afterparty

The amazing Shyla Colt graced the airwaves on Beautiful Trouble Publishing’s Slumber Party on Monday and offered up insight on her method to her madness (writing that is).

First, we all know if there are character’s that stick out in the book that aren’t the hero or heroine, Jayha will request their story ASAP. In “Lessons from the Professor” there are several that Jayha ‘needs’ their story written. According to Jayha, Lee was like ‘damn.’ Enough said, right?

There is something to be said about someone that can be so busy and yet still take the time to write an engaging tale about flawed characters. Shyla specializes in the paranormal but she does write other genres.

Shyla also lets us know that she is a character writer, which would explain why every time you pick up one of her books, you become a part of the character’s lives because you feel like you know them. However, that is why she can’t pick her favorite book but she can pick her favorite hero. You want to know who it is…listen to the webcast.

“Recovery” was also in the mix as Shyla delves into the demons of addictions and the hope of recovery.

There was some talk about movies, and I personally can’t type what was said about clichĂ©s in movies or how military women/wives are stereotyped, because you just have to hear it to understand the conviction they have for her pet peeves.

She has a new book coming out called “What the Heart Knows.” It is a paranormal, and she is real curious about the reader thinks on this one, so once you get the book, read it, drop her a line and let her know what you think.

If you want to get to know more about Shyla Colt and her books, she can be found here:


If you missed the show live, tune in and have a listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beautifultroublepublishing/2012/07/17/beautiful-trouble-publishing-slumber-party

P.S.  Shyla has some brand new hotness coming soon!


  1. her new book, What the Heart Knows:

  2. Congrats Shyla. I missed this...but I tuned in to hear it later.