Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stephanie Burke on Blogtalk 02 July 2012

On 02 July, 2012, author Stephanie Burke was a guest on the BTP Slumber Party. Longtime fans of Ms. Burke’s work, The Jeanie and Jayha used this opportunity to strong arm, err we mean sweet talk, Stephanie into writing more of the stories we love. We also used this opportunity to DIBS our favorite characters and lay claim to most future characters Stephanie writes. SO BACK OFF PEEPS and keep your grubby hands off of Flame, Spark, Violet, and all of the other hotties.

You should’ve been there but in case you couldn’t be there, listen here:

If you aren’t familiar with Stephanie or her works, we’d like to know how can you call yourself a reader? How can you look at yourself in the mirror? Read on to learn a bit about the woman who wields the magic pen:

Here From the deepest darkest parts of Baltimore...

Riding a black virgin chasing unicorn fresh from the odd places in her imagination...

Stephanie Burke, who is also known as Flash, has pulled herself out of her basement filled with hot exotic men...

Actually, Stephanie is a multi-published, multi award-winning author, wife, and mother of two, who spends her time locked in her attic creating imaginary worlds in which to get lost.

Additionally, she is the creator of the How Not To... series at Changeling Press, The Coven and Pride Talon series at Loose Id, the Dragonis series at Red Rose Press, and countless other series and worlds at her other various publishers. Stephanie writes paranormal, fantasy, GBLT, horror, dark romance, romance, and the occasional contemporary that her party-going muse forces her to write.

You can catch up with Flash at her web site, TheFlashCat.Net, her facebook, her twitter at!/Flashycat, or write her at


  1. reminder: Hands off of Flame, Spark, Violet, the hotazz merman and anyone else we decide. Thank you.

  2. ^^^^^^ That's so unfair BTP. You're gonna end up with a lot of horny readers and writers...wait, that's actually a really good plan.

  3. BTP slumber parties are the best;)

  4. Sound like a diverse choice of genres to read! Thanks for bringing this author to my attention. :)

  5. Can't get enough of BTP blogtalk radio! It's great to hear such talented authors share the stories behind the stories. Loved listening to Stephanie's show!

  6. Hello BTP and Stephanie!

    Stephanie why in the world are you locked in the attic? LOL.

    I enjoy your work and your FB posts. Much success and many book sales!

  7. Love the Keeper of the Flame stories! Yayyyy! :)